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  1. restocreations said:

    Show me the Trunk

    Show me your trunk or others that look good.

    I'm going to pull the crappy speaker board and carpet out of the back of the 4.6L car soon. My plans so far are to build a support out of 1x that will go over the fuel tank to support the fuse panel and other electronics. However, i am not real sure what to do about covering up the other areas that dont look so hot. I cant leave the wheel wells exposed since they were minitubbed. I dont foresee myself climbing into the trunk and playing with bondo and sand paper considering the stage this car is at, so I will probably need to box in the sides.
    Im going to make sure i take care of all welds, inside and out, on the other two cars before i even think about having any paint work done.
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    82firebird said:
    This doesn't help with the wheelhouses.. but it's a start. I think this is kind of what you are talking about building with the 1x1?

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    HighOctane said:
    I was always a fan of what this guy did. madmax9991 on the old Yuku forum.

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  4. restocreations said:
    Actually, i was referring to 1x 1 square steel. I think i am just going to pull the tank, grind down the welds that will be visible on the rear portion of the wheel wells and then use the raptor spray. The rest of the car is so incredible that i would hate to leave the trunk looking like it belongs to a total turd of a car. I thought the speaker board would look good, but fitting wood to the trunk is a total pain. I think it will look much better with the tank exposed and the electronics mounted on the square steel bars with the wheel wells smoothed out and sprayed with the liner. I need to change the fuel pump from the MTF tank anyway. That pump sounds like an f-15 engine warming up.
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    82firebird said:
    Here are some other pictures I had saved that might give more ideas. I like the support idea, similar to how some of these cars used the nitrous bottle support. Chris if you use the raptor be sure to use a black primer underneith, it covers very well but with black underneith it will appear to cover that much better.

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  6. restocreations said:
    Thanks! Yes, more or less like the unique trunk. I took a good luck at the wheel housings last night and they actually arent bad. Most of the nasty welds are on the wheel well side of the housings. Im going to move the Telorvek panel to a different location where it will be hidden or find some sort of polished aluminum box to put it in. With the panel exposed in the trunk and the mass of wiring running to it, the trunk will never look good. However, the panel needs to be accessible in case a fuse blows.